Adios Uni Life

Can you believe it was been five years? I still remember arriving in this city alone years ago. First time I traveled Yogyakarta, surely this city did not dissapointed me. it fascinates me in so many ways because there are always something feast my eyes with and it has so much to offer. Time flies, I realized that being an independent person takes courages. The courage to get over of my internal fear to face unfamiliarity on my own. How to solve my problem all by myself while I’m distant from my support system (e.g :  my family, best friends, etc). Moving to another city tought me to be mentally strong, resilient at times, be careful and cautious with every step I take because if something happens, I might be all on my own. Time and time again, I  learned so much about a unique culture and engaged in a completely different environment.

I believe that we are all addicted to something that makes us feel a little more alive.. and I guess, this is it.

Now on, I’m done with my responsibility as a student. Thank you God for everything in my life, thank you to blessing me much more than I deserve. Next stage of my life, begins…

people who closests to my heart (minus my dad and my brother in this pic 🙂 😀 )


My Lovely sistaaaa ❤






people who closests to my heart 🙂




Gak terasa sekarang sudah memasuki pertengahan bulan September. Artinya semakin dekat dengan waktu kepulangan saya Bekasi. Hari ini saya meluangkan waktu untuk menata barang-barang yang sudah jarang saya gunakan ke dalam kardus. Termasuk mengosongkan rak yang biasanya penuh dengan buku-buku komik, novel dan beberapa pajangan-pajangan pribadi. Ketika menata buku-buku, saya mendapati beberapa komik-komik jadul yang saya bawa dari rumah pada saat akan nge-kos. Dulu saya memang suka sekali baca komik. Sampai semester awal-awal kuliah pun saya masih membeli komik-komik M&C di Gramedia. Tetapi entah sejak kapan, saya sudah tidak suka lagi mengumpulkan komik dan tidak lagi mengikuti serial komik online. Saya jadi lebih banyak membeli novel-novel romance, fiction, dan juga buku-buku pengembangan diri. Hahaha, terlihat sekali perubahan bacaan saya dari awal kuliah sampai sekarang :)). Sekarang bacaan saya sudah mulai kedewasaan ^^,

Setelah saya hitung, ternyata saya mengoleksi 10 komik, 30 Novel, dam 15 buku pengembangan diri 😀 seneng rasanya, meskipun  pastilah koleksi komik saya di rumah akan lebih banyak ketimbang buku-buku kedewasaan ini. hahahaha :DD. Tapi saya yakin kolesi buku kedewasaan saya akan terus bertambah kok, hehehehe  :)) 

PS :  I’ve found that no matter what I read, the act of reading every day has helped me in nearly every aspect of my life. I believe that reading has improved my quality of life, and will definitely improve yours  :))


Lesson From the Owl

Hi everyone 😀 it’s a very beautiful scenery in front of me. The weather was cold and the moon looks very big and shines brightly, I guess today is a full moon. OMG, I’m gonna change into a wolf at 12 am, hahaha, I’m a Gumiho 😛 😛 (pardon my wild imagination).

By the way, I this photo in my gallery, this is remind me about my struggled during finishing my thesis. One of my favorite dessert in  Nox Coffee. Too cute to be eaten. but most of all, I will never forget how I’m living like the owl while working with my thesis deadline. Sleep in the morning and work all night long, hahaha. I’m not a typicall of night person. I usually sleep at 11-12 pm everynight,  but the power of “kepepet” give me more power to do all the impossible things. hahaha. 😀 😀 the power of deadline is very amazing.

IMG20160116212729 (2).jpg
Owl dessert at Nox Coffee Yogyakarta 🙂

Back to the owl, this is some lesson that we can learn from the owl :

  1. Even though u are not a typical of night person, u can learn to living like the owl, mostly to finished your deadline.
  2. Stayed focus
  3. Be “whoo” you are
  4. Glide through the dark times
  5. be observant
  6. Life’s a hoot

:)) For those whose having a lot of works, you can try to living like the owl. but don’t forget to repair your biologic time after finishing the deadline :))

Story of the two Crooked Bricks

Several days ago I was sitting in library. Looking for motivation to finish my thesis revission. Whenever I read my thesis, there’s always a kind of inferior feeling. I don’t know what make me feel so bad. Sometimes my negative feeling hang up in my mind and so many “what if” statement appear inside my brain. Realizing that there’s some mistakes in my thesis, and the deadline getting closer. I don’t even believing in myself. Till I found one of Ajahn Brahm’s book. The title is “Cacing dan kotoran kesayangannya”. I begin to read the first story in this book .

This story narrated Ajahn Bram when he was a young monk in Perth, Australia. There’s a group of monk want to build a Temple. This is their first time experience to construction materials with their own hands. Laying bricks is a test of patience. Before a brick is laid, cement has to be layered, making sure that its thickness is somewhat consistent. Ajahn Brahm tried to arranged the bricks. His progress was slow, due to the great care in his work, but he wasn’t bothered.  He was going to build a beautiful brick wall, his first brick wall. Finally, he had finished his work, so he stood in front of the wall to admired his work. Suddenly, he caught that he had overlooked 2 bricks that were laid slanted. Worst of all, the bricks were right in the center of the wall. They were mistakes that stared back at him. Since then, whenever visitors come to the temple, the young monk would show them around to all places, all except the brick wall that he had built. He afraid that the visitor will look and focus at the two crooked bricks. 

One day, 2 elderly monks came to the temple. No matter how Ajahn Brahm tried to detour to avoid the ugly brick wall, the old monks insisted in touring the area around that brick wall. Reluctantly, Ajahn brought his elders to the brick wall. 

“Oh, this is such a beautiful brick wall!” one of the elderly monks commented.

“Excuse me Sir, are you sure? Haven’t you seen the 2 ugly bricks that are crooked in the middle of the wall?” Ajahn exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, I have seen the 2 ugly bricks.” replied the elderly monk.

“But I also saw the remaining 98 good bricks that made this a beautiful wall!”

After reading this story I’m realizing that sometimes we focus on things that went wrong or didn’t live up to our expectations and they can keep us brooding for days and weeks. However, we’ve forgotten the fact that they are only 2 bad bricks in the wall and we should not overlook the beauty of the remaining 98 bricks. We are worth of a good qualities, sometimes we made mistakes, but don’t let the 2 crooked bricks not remaining the beauty of 98 bricks in our self and life.

PS : All of the story is very heart warming. I’m highly recomended this book :))

Flying Noodle

Hi Fellas, it’s 12:58 pm in here  😀  it’s time to have a lunch..  a couple weeks ago, I went to Makan Minum Jogja to try a unique tricky noodle. I’ve ever seen the pic of flying noodle at Instagram and became curious with the taste. So, me and my friend go there to have a lunch. We got there right at 11 a.m and the place had just opened. Yeah, we were the first visitor at that day 😀

One inside, the decoration is very classic and full of mural painting at the wall. This is not like a typical Chinese food eatery, but still good 😀

20160418_112005 (2).jpg
Chicken Flying Noodle (Source : Winda Erlina )

How about the taste?? In my opinion, this noodle have a thick texture and jumbo portion. The taste is like a typical of chinesse food. This was so simple, but tasty. Are you curious with this noodle? kindly visit Makan Minum Eatery the specialist of Chinese Cuisine. Located at Taman Siswa street No 156, Yogyakarta. The range of prices for the food is 9k-32k , and 1k-15k for drinks.

16-04-18-11-19-39-605_photo (2)
The appearance of flying noodle
16-04-18-11-10-08-261_photo (2)
Kindly visit this place “Makan Minum Jogja” 😀

Just a Random Thought

Previously, I think that it’s good if we can choose to do only the things that we like. We were all human that have a freewill. Some people choose to do the things that they really love.  But, we must be realistic that sometimes life is not not easy and full of unpredictable situation. We must be willing to do something that we don’t like, or even hate. From there, we know that the things is worth it if we do it with all of sincerity. All of the things going to happen in our life never failed to give us a lesson. By doing something that we don’t like, we will learn to do something new that we even never imagined. and the opportunity will always follow in our footsteps.


1455956273742 (2)
Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness


Week in Words

12795337_10204350804370062_6552869310970085668_n (1)

  • Everyday I thank God for giving me another day to live, and another chance to make a difference.
  • Thanks to impermanence, because anything is possible. Dengan mencintai ketidakpastian berarti saya memberikan kesempatan kepada diri saya untuk melihat kemungkinan terbaik didalam situasi terburuk sekalipun.
  • Lately, I sleep at 01 A.m. almost every night and sometimes I still wide awake till 01.30 a.m. I’ve been tried to count 1 till 100 sheep, but still didn’t work.  I must trying to fix it before I become the real panda because of this black circle under my eyes o_O 

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Rare Astronomical Event (Total Solar Eclipse 2016)

Hello everyone. Yesterday, Millions of people across Indonesia and the Pacific have experienced a total solar eclipse, with parts of the region falling into complete darkness. The partial solar eclipse visible to seen from Yogyakarta region. Unfortunately, a partial eclipse is not as dramatic as a total eclipse; even with three-quarters of the Sun covered by the Moon, daylight still looks quite ordinary.

We must use a sunglasses with UV Filter or another proper eye protection while observed the sun. Because the radiation is very strong and can damage our eyes.  Me and my friends use a modification sunglasses by adding a photographic negative film in front of the sunglasses. And these are some photo taken when observed the partial solar eclipse. 😀 😀 it’s so beautiful view even just for a minute.. -Continue Reading->

Few Things in the Beginning of 2016

“Thanks God it’s Saturday” 😀 Yeay.. Finally I can feel the weekend’s atmosphere. Anyway, it’s been a long time I didn’t post something in this blog, right?? how’s your days going? I felt a little bit overwhelmed a few days ago but I’m totally fine right now. I still have a lot of things to do but I decided to keep it simple, stay productive, work hard yet calm and believe that everything will be finished at the right time :DD. Thankfully, I could calm myself down and enjoy blogging again. Work hard and passion will never betray you 🙂

So in this time I would like to share about the little things in the beginning of 2016. Hope that you can enjoy my writing.

New Year means I must be work very hard to finish the unfinished business in the year before (Read : Thesis)

Nowadays I’m still struggling with my thesis. Honestly it is a kinda stressor for me, but I still hold into my motto “keep being productive, work hard yet calm” I am grateful to having such an understanding parent. They always gimme motivation, support and prayer. *Love you to the moon and back*
I also surrounded by a crazy and great friends. Thanks guys to always laughing together in all of situation, burnout together, stress together, sharing our topic, keep on fighting yaa together we will be 😛 -Continue Reading->

Hello New Year


Time flies so quick. Count down for 12 hours ahead and this year will be end. I’m so grateful and thanks to God for all of the great things everyday 🙂 I also would like to say thank you to all of people around me, especially my family.

Even though my primary planning were not ruin smoothly in this year, and there are many struggles, I tried talk to myself “I will not cry over the past, because it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful” 🙂 🙂

Beside all of the bad things I’ve learned something, that every struggles in my life just make me stronger. I should be grateful through good or bad things in my life. Thanks God, for shaping me into a better person 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 -Continue Reading->